Small Grant

Small Grants Fund

Small Grants Fund The Small Grants Fund (SGF) established under Aus4Skills is designed to provide small grants for activities that consolidate alumni’s professional knowledge and skills, improve the alumni’s workplace environment and strengthen alumni links with Australia.

The SGF, which builds on the success of the previous Small Grants Scheme, has expanded eligibility for applicants to include non-Australia Awards Scholarship alumni, in the spirit of the Australian Global Engagement Strategy and the Australian Alumni in Vietnam Strategy.

All grants must meet one of the three Aus4Skills Program Outcomes and should preferably contribute to selected priority areas/sectors.

Eligible activities

The three categories of eligible activities are:

Category 1. Development and conduct of a training course, workshop, seminar or conference.

(Proposals merely to attend one of the above are not eligible.)

Category 2. Applied research

(This category may include presentation of papers or posters of which an alumnus is a lead author at industry or academic fora, held in Australia only.)

Category 3. Organisational and institutional change

(This category includes scope for innovative activities promoting organisational and institutional change, especially activities which improve the workplace enabling environment, in particular for women.)

Applicant Eligibility

  1. All Vietnamese who have completed their studies in an Australian education institution through the Australia Awards, including the Australia Awards Scholarships, the Australia Awards Fellowships, the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships, and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Scholarships.
  2. Vietnamese alumni who have completed their studies in an Australian education institution through Vietnamese Government scholarships.
  3. Vietnamese alumni who have self-funded their studies or received other scholarship support and who have completed post-graduate studies at an Australian education institution in Australia or Vietnam.
  4. Professional Groups established under the Australian Alumni in Vietnam Strategy.


The value of a grant for an individual alumnus under this scheme will be up to VND 83 million (approximately AUD 5,000 as of October 2016). For example, the maximum grant for two alumni would be VND 166 million.

Consideration may also be given to proposals that exceed VND 83 million in value, but the activity must have the active involvement of other eligible alumni acting as a team. In this case the maximum budget for such an activity is VND332 million (AUD20,000 as of October 2016) for four or more alumni.

Proposals from a Professional Group established under the Australian Alumni in Vietnam Strategy will be eligible for a maximum grant of VND332 million (AUD20,000 as of October 2016). Consideration may be given to a higher amount depending on the merit of the proposal.

Duration of grant

The maximum duration for implementing a grant is 12 months. Grant implementation should commence within 3 months of grant approval.

Evaluation criteria

Each application is to be evaluated against six key criteria:

1) Strategic Purpose Gender, 2) Disability and Social Inclusion, 3) Ownership and Sustainability, 4) Methodology, 5) Financial Investment and Risk Management, and 6) Monitoring & Evaluation.

Equity of Access Fund

For alumni with disability and rural disadvantaged alumni wishing to participate in the SGF, adjustments to enable equal participation in the SGF may be provided through the Aus4Skills Equity of Access Fund.

Certificate of Grant Completion

When a grant has been successfully implemented and both the completion and final financial reports have been received, a Certificate of Grant Completion will be awarded to the respective alumnus.

Training workshops

Training workshops for applicants are held prior to the submission closing date on how to submit an application. After grants are approved, further training workshops are held for grantees on grant financial management, reporting and monitoring & evaluation. Download the training workshop presentation slides.

SGF Guidelines

Full details about applying for a Small Grant including the Proposal Template can be found in the Small Grants Fund Guidelines for Applicants.

List of Alumni and Projects awarded Small Grants Fund Round 1 (2017)

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