Reintegrating back in Vietnam

What is reintegration?

Reintegration refers to the process whereby Australia Awards graduates return to Vietnam and i) use their skills, knowledge and networks to contribute to national sustainable development, ii) contribute to cooperation between Australia and Viet Nam, and iii) build and maintain effective, mutually advantageous partnerships between institutions and businesses in Australia and Vietnam.

Who are successfully reintegrated Australia Awards graduates?

  • Graduates who return home and stay in Viet Nam for two years or more after completing the scholarship
  • Graduates who are working in their field of study
  • Graduates who apply new skills, knowledge and networks to contribute to organisational objectives and national development goals
  • Graduates who continue to maintain relevant and useful networks with Australia(ns)
  • Graduates who participate in the national and global alumni networks

Where does reintegration fit in the Australia Awards Activity Cycle?

Reintegration circle


  • Applicants, who are working in target institutions and/or priority areas, complete online application form and select two courses in the same field of study.
  • Applicants explain clearly in their applications how they would apply on return their new skills, knowledge, and their Australian links to their employing institutions/sectors and national development outcomes.

Selection: Placement and Pre-departure

  • Awardees are selected partly against criteria assessing their potential development outcomes
  • Awardees are placed in appropriate courses in Australian universities.
  • Awardees receive briefing on the new Reintegration and Alumni Engagement Strategy.

On Award

  • Awardees are encouraged to maintain their networks and communicate with their employers in Vietnam.
  • Awardees will receive a letter from VAHRDP in their last semester in Australia to remind them to contact their work supervisors before returning to Viet Nam.
  • Awardees will receive a self-paced module to assist their return to the workplace.

Post Award

  • Alumni will be invited to attend Welcome Back events organised twice a year (March and October).
  • Alumni will be guided to identify which new skills, knowledge and networks that they can offer to their workplace, sector and broader community.


  • Alumni will be invited to join the different alumni engagement activities with support from DFAT-funded alumni support program, including local, self-funded alumni activities.
  • Alumni will be asked to participate in the Australia Development Impact Survey (ADIS) six and eighteen months after returning to Vietnam.

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