Gender equality through a personal lens


Participants actively engaging a group discussion
Participants actively engaging a group discussion

Education & Times Newspaper – In the pre-core session of the Australia Awards Short Course in Project Implementation to Optimise Gender Outcomes, there were interesting exercises designed by Australian experts, such as: “Discovering who we are together”, “Critical reflection and sharing of ideas”.

“We would like to share our experiences, ideas, and cooperate with other Australian experts to support Vietnam in gender equality,” shared Dr Julie King and Dr Niki Edwards, two training experts of the course, from Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

*What is your impression of Vietnamese participants through the first few learning sessions?

Dr Niki Edwards: All participants of the course are very excited about the program. They are very interested in gender equality. We are working with good critical thinkers, people with passion and want to learn more.

The participants demonstrate interest in further understanding advanced theory and experiences. Each person has different perspectives and experiences. However, they are all open-minded and willing to cooperate. They also expressed the necessity of co-working and cooperation among sectors. This is a very positive and important start.

Learning session was led by two Australian experts 1
Learning session was led by two Australian experts 2
Learning session was led by two Australian experts - Dr Julie King and Dr Niki Edwards from Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

* As planned, the course participants will travel to Brisbane (Australia) for two weeks’ intensive training. Could you please share the main activities in Australia? And what experiences that Australia, specifically Queensland, has to share with Vietnamese partner organisations and key stakeholders and how they are relevant and useful for Vietnam to optimise gender outcomes?

Dr Julie King: We have designed very interesting activities for the participants upon their arrival in Australia. The Queensland Government will share its experiences in women’s empowerment in the work environment. They will also introduce change-makers who contributed to gender equality in our society, including both men and women. We will share and discuss about women’s leadership in enterprises.

We have many fascinating stories to share with Vietnamese participants. Highly experienced experts from Queensland University of Technology will share their practices and concerns. We have faced similar difficulties and implemented appropriate solutions. We have not completely succeeded in our gender equality efforts. Through this program, we look forward to learning from Vietnam’s experiences and current situation as well.

We have worked with many participants from Aus4Transport. They had very good examples from their work environment and family. At this time, it is too early to evaluate changes in the course participants’ work environment. However, given their enthusiasm and passion, we believe that they will become examples for others to follow.


With half the total population being women, we are unable to empower women without men’s involvement. Women’s empowerment benefits both men and women. Men should be examples to others. They are change-makers in the society and we cannot succeed in gender equality without their participation.


Source: The Education and Times Newspaper

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