Taking photos is likely one of the ways in which you captured your experience in Australia. The Australian Alumni in Vietnam page invites you to join in a month of photo sharing based on the theme Portrait of My Australia. By sharing your photos, you and other alumni will be able to virtually “return to Australia” and share fond memories of your Australian experience.

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  1. Date and eligibility
    • Submission dates: 0h on 2/3/2020 to 24h 27/3/2020.
    • Quantity: at least 4 good resolution photos
    • Content: photos reflecting your study and life in Australia
    • Eligibility: Australian alumni in Vietnam
    • Facebook posting dates: selected photos will be posted from 9 March 2020
  2. How to submit:
    Please send at least 4 photos in JPEG format and good resolution (1Mb or more) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Email title: PORTRAIT OF MY AUSTRALIA – Your full name (Ex: Portrait of My Australia – Nguyen Van A)
    • Email content: Your email should include the following information
      • Photos and caption of each photo
      • Your full name and the Australian Institutions you studied in Australia.
      • Your postal address for receiving our prize (Please note that your details won’t be passed on to any third party without your consent)
  3. Prize
    1. You will receive a power bank with Global alumni logo if your photos are selected for posting on the Australian Alumni in Vietnam Facebook page.
    2. You will receive a SPECIAL PRIZE including: a power bank, an umbrella, a water bottle, a notebook, a set of name card holder + alumni pen if:
      • you tag other alumni into your photo album and at least 5 tagged alumni will then share their photos in the photo sharing monthyou photos get the highest "scores" of each week. How do we evaluate your score?
      • Each reaction (like, haha ...): 1 point
      • Each share: 3 points – each account is allowed to share once only
      • We will record your album status at 5pm on the 7th day of the post. You should do the same if you would like to compare with our record.
    3. If there are signs of fraud (hack like, comment ...), album entries will not be considered for the special gift set.
    4. Winners of the special gift sets will be announced every Friday starting from the second week. 

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  4. Important notes
    • To avoid copyright infringement, please make sure that you only submit your own photos or photos that you have authorization to submit. Should problems arise, you will be fully responsible for the photos you have submitted.
    • By submitting your photos, you allow the Australian Embassy and the Aus4Skills Program to share these photos on the Australian Alumni in Vietnam and Australia in Vietnam Facebook pages and for any future communication products of the Australian Embassy and the Aus4Skills program to promote Australia and/or Australian education.
    • Child protection:
      • To protect children, photos containing the personal details of children ( and clear or close-up faces of children are not encouraged for submission.
      • If the you intend to share photos of your own children, please complete this Consent Form and submit this completed form with your photos to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Australian Alumni in Vietnam is looking forward to receiving “portraits of your Australia”.


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