Economics Faculty Promotes Active and Inclusive Teaching


Active and inclusive teaching has become a popular method nowadays. To ensure the sustainability of this innovative teaching method, Tay Bac University had created an enabling environment for lecturers, including lecturers from Economics Faculty to participate in the training program in replication of Active and Inclusive Teaching method (ILO3) as part of Aus4Skills program.

After two training sessions, the participating lecturers have become familiar in applying active and inclusive teaching method and introducing it to other faculty members. The lecturers had the opportunity to exchange more on teaching methods and ways to improve their performance.

Students provided positive feedbacks

Students provided positive feedbacks: they feel more excited and no longer tired with long lessons; students participate more actively in classrooms…

Teaching methods introduced by Dr Nicholas Howard

Teaching methods introduced by Dr. Nicholas Howard have been applied flexibly by lecturers to suit student’s level of knowledge .

Despite the proven results of the application

Despite the proven results of the application and scaling up of active and inclusive teaching methods by the University and the Faculty, challenges still lie ahead, and these can be addressed by strengthening the cooperation between the University, Faculty, lecturers and students to build a friendly learning environment.

Source: Lò Thị Huyền Trang, Tay Bac University

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