Thai Nguyen University signs agreement with businesses on supporting students with disabilities


On the 16th May 2020, Thai Nguyen University of Information Technology and Communications (ICTU) signed a collaboration agreement with a number of enterprises on providing students with disabilities with internship and employment opportunities.

Following the agreement, students with disabilities will be welcomed as interns or employees at some companies in Thái Nguyên and Hà Nội such as Incomtech Việt Nam JSC, Hasu Event and International Travel Co. Ltd., Halu Việt Nam Technologies Co. Ltd., Sancha Việt Nam International Trade JSC, Agilead Global JSC, Cartek-ICTU JSC.

A fund of VND 15 million was also raised by enterprises at the event to support students with disabilities.

Dr Vũ Đức Thái, ICTU Vice Rector remarked: “The collaboration between ICTU and businesses in offering students with internship and employment opportunities is an evidence of how community cares about students, particularly students with disabilities. They might be physically impaired, but they are not mentally or spiritually ill”.

Mr. Đỗ Văn Nhẫm, Director of Incomtech Việt Nam JSC stressed: “We wish to help students with disabilities overcome their feeling of inferiority, find their own passion and areas of interests, stay focused and maintain a positive lifestyle”.

ICTU Vice Rector signs the agreement with representative of enterprise
Dr Vũ Đức Thái, ICTU Vice Rector (first right) signs the agreement with representative of enterprise.

At the same event, the ICTU Strong Will Club was launched by the Student Association. “This club aims to offer its members, who are university’s current students and alumni with disabilities, a platform to support each other in overcoming challenges and fulfilling their dreams” – shared Mr. Lê Anh Tú, Lecturer, President of the ICTU Student Association. 

Nguyễn Xuân Thuận - Head of ICT K17A intake/Vice Chair of the Strong Will Club – is a student suffering from a heart disease, hunchback and scoliosis. Thuận shared: “I used to be shy and hesitant. After joining many team activities, I’ve become more relaxed, confident and proactive than I was before. And most importantly, now I maintain a positive way of thinking and feel strong enough to pursue my passion”.


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