Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on the skills demands of workers and human resources training activities in Logistics in Vietnam


The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected the entire labour market, especially those who work in the logistics industry. The risk of mass bankruptcy of Logistics businesses as well as the breakage, change and disruption of supply chains have significantly affected the situation of the labour market. Changes in the labour market lead to a change in the skills requirements of workers, and the supply and demand of post-COVID-19 workforce will have to face certain changes. How should businesses, vocational institutions and stakeholders in Logistics need to act to adapt to this change?

In order to analyse the impact of the pandemic affecting the industry's operation, especially the impact on the labour market and the vocational education and training in Logistics, the Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC) together with the Secretariat – the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ho Chi Minh City branch (VCCI-HCM) under the scope of the Aus4Skills program, have conducted a rapid assessment report on the Impact of COVID-19 on the skills demand of workers activities and human resources training activities for the Vietnamese Logistics industry.

The report addresses issues such as the impact of COVID-19 on the operations of businesses and vocational education activities of the Logistics industry in Vietnam; the impact of the pandemic on Logistics services in APEC economies. From short-term to long-term analyses, the authors analysed the impact on human resources training for Logistics in Ho Chi Minh City and made recommendations for each specific affected group.

The annex of the report includes good practices from Logistics enterprises and institutions to curb COVID-19 and adapt to the new normal. These practices still ensure convenient and efficient production and business activities and at the same time comply with regulations on social distancing in order to prevent the spreading of the virus.

With very concise analysis alongside with a lot of real data demonstrated in charts, the experts in the field of Logistics and vocational education have built a multi-dimensional report. VCCI-HCM would like to widely share the report and look forward to receiving feedback from the audience to continue producing more useful reports.

Remarks by Mr. Vu Ninh - Member of BOD of Gemadept Corporation - LIRC President:

After the pandemic occured, we need to adjust the pace of labour supply and demand as well as the skills of the workforce according to the actual situation. Therefore, training, skills forecasting and reporting on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be essential. Skills need to be changed to fit multipurpose use and to engage information technology application in order to connect and implement work tasks.

Remarks by Mr. Vo Tan Thanh - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Director of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ho Chi Minh City Branch:

“The LIRC report is of particular significance in the context of logistics enterprises facing an unprecedented crisis. The analysis in the report showed in time new challenges in human resources that logistics enterprises are facing as well as the necessary requirements in changing the training practice that vocational education institutions need to implement to ensure the quality of training can meet the needs of the market."

Download the report on Impact of COVID-19 on the skills demand of workers activities and human resources training activities for the Vietnamese Logistics industry here.

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