Participants visited a booth displaying the cooperation achievements between Aus4Skills and TNU TUAF
Participants visited a booth displaying the cooperation achievements between Aus4Skills and TNU - TUAF

On 24th November 2020, at the Learning Resource and Information Technology Centre (Thai Nguyen University), there was a wrap-up symposium for the cooperation program between Aus4Skills - Thai Nguyen University (TNU) and Thai Nguyen Agriculture and Forestry University (TUAF). In attendance at the event were Mr Brendon Brooker, Second Secretary of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam, leaders of TNU and member universities.

Aus4Skills is a program developed by the Australian Government to assist Vietnam in accessing and using a qualified and skilled workforce, to respond to the demands of the labour market and contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of Vietnam. Aus4Skills consists of 5 components, in which component 2 and 3 are coordinated with TNU: Improving the quality of universities in the northern mountainous region; and Advancing women in leadership;

After four years of cooperation, the program has delivered 17 training courses, in which 444 lecturers and staff members from TNU directly participated in Vietnam and Australia. 2,230 TNU lecturers and staff members, 25,720 students were indirectly benefited from training courses. 5 strategic plans were amended; 3 restructuring plans were approved, 10 decisions on strategic plans were issued; 74 curriculums were renewed, and 10 curriculums were freshly developed.

Thanks to this cooperation program, significant improvements were seen at TNU in the fields of management and leadership, curriculum renewal, quality assurance and gender equality. TNU is committed to continuing the activities initiated by the components, maintaining the Australian alumni network for mutual support; and strengthening its relationships with Australian partners.

Source: thainguyenonline


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