Millennial CEO Inspires RMIT Business Bachelors


Beta Cinemas CEO - Bui Quang Minh inspired business bachelors with his speech at the RMIT University 2021 graduation ceremony.

Throughout the speech, the Millennial businessman Bui Quang Minh (Minh Beta) sent a short but easy to remember and visualised message to the students, which is: Realise (Stop dreaming and start realising your dreams), Measure (Measure your ilife), Improvise (Don't procrastinate, improve your life by finding your true passion), Thankful (Be grateful for everything that comes to you).

These words were inspired by the four letters that make up the name of RMIT university, along with his life achievements from Beta Cinemas, A. Plus Home to the projects of the Crimson Institute of Business.

Minh at the graduation ceremory of RMIT University 2021
The Millennial businessman Bui Quang Minh speaking at the graduation ceremony of RMIT University 2021.

He further added: "Becoming an adult with a bachelor degree from RMIT in your hands is already a good premise for you to get out into the world and realise your dreams".

For Minh Beta, all businesses, from the smallest to the largest, start from being drastic with himself. That was when he started with a small donut shop in Hanoi with a $10,000 investment and a mind full of concern, until the day when he comfortably participated in multi-million-dollar projects. In his opinion, just first boldly execute your plan, your dream will come true.

In sharing more about Beta Group, he said: "When establishing Beta group, I realised the concept of 'diffusion impact'. Most businesses bring about positive benefits to society. However, with a mindset of optimisation, I build businesses that continue to make a lasting impact even after our service is complete."

Minh Beta and two dean professors who work at RMIT University Vietnam
Minh Beta and two dean professors (left) who work at RMIT University Vietnam.

With A. Plus Home, he is building a network of affordable aserviced partments, where young professionals and students can pay as little as $250 a month for a studio for two. He believes that the A. Plus community will grow into better versions of themselves and they will continue to make an impact on society.

In addition to developing projects, the Millennial CEO also caught the attention of students when he mentioned his project - Crimson Business Institute (CBI). Specifically, he is working with Harvard University - the prestigious school he attended to bring Harvard-licensed courses in business education for Vietnamese learners.

Crimson Business Institute Vietnam is expected to have the guest lectures from Vietnam’s top CEOs, Shark Thai Van Linh, Doan Hoang Lan, Do Thi Thuy Hang, among others.

Minh Beta received positive responses from the teachers and hundreds of students in attendance
Minh Beta's speech received positive responses from the teachers and hundreds of students in attendance.

Bui Quang Minh was born in 1983 in Hanoi. He started a chain business with the Doco Donuts cafe and pastry project after two years working in Singapore. From the original store with a capital of VND 300 million, Doco Donuts only took three months to gain capital recovery and then opened six stores nationwide, until he divested to move to the US.

Graduating with an MBA degree from the world-renowned –Harvard University, USA, and with a capital of VND 5 billion earned from the Doco Donuts business, Minh Beta returned to Vietnam in 2014 to start establishing the first cinema cluster in Thai Nguyen. At that time, Beta Cinemas was the first cinema cluster targeting mid-range customers, not directly competing with competitors in other segments of the market, so it developed rapidly. After six years of development, through many rounds of fund raising, Beta Cinemas was valued at VND 1,000 billion , becoming a prestigious brand which is associated with the name of Bui Quang Minh - Minh Beta.

Minh Beta became an inspiration
From Doco Donuts, Beta Cinemas, A. Plus Home to the Crimson Business Institute project in incubation, Minh Beta (third from left) became an inspiration by his assertive attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, and his ability to manage risks in business.

Experiencing a multitude of successes and failures, from the Doco Donuts chain to the current Beta Cinemas, Minh Beta has become an inspiration for many young people. He is also composer of the song "Vietnam Oi" and the producer of movies such as ‘Get Married Tomorrow’, ‘Bride for Rent’, ‘Husband Swap’, ‘Bookworm Beauty’.

Other than engaging in business, Minh Beta has a strong belief in the power of education and the media in making positive changes for society. As a result, he has received many invitations to universities and student seminars to provide advice to and inspire future business leaders over the past few years.


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