Revealing barriers to women’s leadership: Gender-based violence

Recently, the Australia Awards Women in Leadership Journey IV (WIL Journey IV) participants successfully organised an event about gender equality.

The goal of this event was to increase and improve awareness of gender-based violence (GBV) and introduce how GBV can be a significant barrier to women’s leadership.

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Ethnic minority female students play an important role in gender equality awareness raising

Gender Equality and ‘Journey to Support Ethnic Minority Female Students’

Journey to support ethnic minority students" initiated by a group of Tay Bac University lecturers has made female students feel proud of their ethnic traditions, confident and inspired to contribute more to the community.

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Ethnic minority female students at TBU

Awareness of Gender Equality: Why ghosts always in white dresses?

Tran Ngoc Dinh from Student Association at Tay Bac University (TBU) presented images of long-haired ghosts in white dresses in movies. He commented that these images reflected a prejudice against women.

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Deep sea ports in Mekong Delta in high demand for logistics human resources

Post COVID-19 and human resources development in Logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected the entire labour market, especially those who work in the logistics industry. The post-COVID-19 workforce will have to face certain changes. How should the workforce be trained to adapt to this change?

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Raising awareness of gender equality among lecturers and students

Women to carry not only family but also social duties

Tay Bac University (TBU) has been carrying out many gender awareness activities, and gender equality in learning and working has been widely spread among lecturers and students.

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