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Animated infographic on Covid-19 draws attention from community and media outlets

The animated infographic series on Covid-19 created by lecturers and students from the Multimedia Communications Department, Thai Nguyen University, has attracted thousands of views, hundreds of shares, and covered by various media outlets after two weeks of publishing.

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Students provided positive feedbacks

Economics Faculty Promotes Active and Inclusive Teaching

Active and inclusive teaching has become a popular method nowadays. To ensure the sustainability of this innovative teaching method, Tay Bac University had created an enabling environment for lecturers, including lecturers from Economics Faculty to participate in the training program in replication of Active and Inclusive Teaching method (ILO3) as part of Aus4Skills program.

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People lining up for their turns. ATM operational all day


Given the risks of COVID-19 spread at public gatherings, Mr Hoang Tuan Anh (aged 35) had invented an automatic rice distribution machine which was called “RICE ATM”.

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Students at Nguyen Huu Canh College of Economics and Industry

GEDSI – an opportunity for the disadvantaged

Mr. Nguyen Van Cu, Deputy Director for Education & Training - Disability Research & Capacity Development Center (DRD) said: "I used to cry because of discrimination."

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Students like Nao Van Thong second from left face many difficulties when studying

Disabled people need better access to education: experts

Nguyễn Văn Cử, Deputy Director of the Centre for Research and Capacity Development for People with Disabilities (HCM City) used to cry a lot because of discrimination.

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