To Thi Thuyen works as a Teaching Assistant at an English Training Centre

A female lecturer connects students with part-time job opportunities


“I plan to establish a network comprising lecturers and students to support the project. This network requires a lot of time and consistent, careful implementation. This is my objective in the near future – developing a network which reaches out to more people and supports more students to have suitable part-time jobs.” – said Dr Nguyen Thi Hong Minh

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Training course on leadership skills for 28 female students

Boosting female students’ confidence to take leadership roles


“In the future, I am looking forward to establishing a Support Centre for female students which creates a favourable environment to strengthen skills, to share feelings with psychology experts, to support them overcome difficulties and barriers and to show their personal strengths. Next year, I will select another group of female students to help them change their mindset into an active one and to strengthen their leadership skills,” said Vu Thi Duc

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Dr Ralf Muhlberger in discussion with lecturers and staff of Thai Nguyen University in a group activity

University Quality Assurance: Let’s start with simple things


“Vietnamese universities have “latecomer advantages” in quality assurance, they can learn from experiences and mistakes of international higher educations and catch up quickly. However, it also comes with a disadvantage: while Australian universities change their process and correct each step gradually, Vietnamese universities are directly applying an advanced system. This would be a sudden and massive change in the university system.” said Dr Ralf Muhlberger

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Dr Vu Thi Thanh Thuy second from left received a Certificate of Participation from the Australia Awards Short Course Women in Leadership Journey

A Faculty Head creates internship opportunities for female students


“I think that if we approach gender equality by only talking about awareness raising it is not effective. If we think and work together, change our tactics in negotiating with enterprises, gender equality will be improved. At this moment, about 50% of our female students are in internships or working at reputable companies” – said Dr. Vu Thi Thanh Thuy.

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Dr Pham Thanh Hieu

A female teacher supports disadvantaged students in study


Born in 1983, the young teacher, Dr Pham Thanh Hieu who is Mathematics and Physics lecturer at the Basic Science Faculty, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF), has finished a three-month course on Strengthening Teacher’s Academic Support for Disadvantaged Students provided by Aus4Skills.

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