Dr Vu Thi Quy at the room planned to be used as a gender based common room

The first Vietnamese university to provide a common room on campus

"I do not want to use the university’s budget for this project due to our financial constraints. I have been raising funds from available sources. The operation of the common room will be a success for the university and for me. This is also a milestone in my career as well as my studies in Australia"

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University of Agriculture and Forestry Thai Nguyen University

Comprehensive plan for university autonomy

Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry has made significant changes in accordance with a comprehensive plan towards its autonomy. The plan is an achievement through breakthroughs and innovations in strategic management and planning by applying international experiences by the university leadership.

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20 participants of the WIL Journey supported one another and became more connected after the interesting experiences of this course

Learning from Nature and Entrepreneurial Farmers


Twenty participants of the Australia Awards Short Course – Women in Leadership (WIL) Journey had the opportunity to take part in a journey of self-exploration, self-challenge and friendship on Kangaroo Island, Australia.

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Dr Nguyen Thi Huong

Unusual classes for students at Tay Bac University


“I will extend the pilot activities to upcoming classes and in the next few years I will conduct an impact assessment and determine whether these contents are suitable for the teaching curriculum or not.

My goal is integrating this knowledge into our curriculum officially. At first, I introduced the knowledge and skills to English-specialized students in a language class. Then, we will spread these activities to other departments and faculties.” said Dr. Nguyen Thi Huong.

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Learning session was led by two Australian experts 1

Gender equality through a personal lens

With half the total population being women, we are unable to empower women without men’s involvement. Women’s empowerment benefits both men and women. Men should be examples to others. They are change-makers in the society and we cannot succeed in gender equality without their participation.

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