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Universities yearning for autonomy

After participating in Aus4Skills activities, we started the restructuring. All colleagues said to me: “It’s too tiring and stressful!”. We had to work day and night. However, experiences obtained throughout the plan implementation raised the awareness of the people involved. We established a common understanding and attitude towards reforms and difficulties that had to be tackled.” said Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Van Dien

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Dr Dang Van Vinh

The Amended Law on Higher Education expected to spur internationalization

The article title was concluded from a discussion between Prof. Dr Dang Van Minh, Vice President of Thai Nguyen University, and a reporter from Education & Times Newspapers regarding the draft revised Law on Higher Education.

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Vietnamese students lack some skills which are considered necessary by recruiters

What skills are Vietnamese students missing?

Among occupational skills, self-study, flexibility and adaptability to working environments and work requirements are highly required by employers.

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Ms Le Thi Ngan


“The cell phone rang at midnight, right after I selected the Accept button, there was the hurried voice of a female student on the other end: Please, please save me, I am trapped by my in-laws…” – Dr. Le Thi Ngan, Head of Faculty of Law and Society Management, Thai Nguyen University – University of Science, recalled one of many special calls she received from students at midnight

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Ms Bui Thi Huong Giang


“My professional tasks at Thai Nguyen University are not significantly associated with gender equity. However, I have applied the knowledge I gained in all my daily work. Since then, my colleagues and friends said that I have changed positively. I always keep in my mind one commitment: listening, sharing and helping. I believe that capable women will become leaders and create important changes in their organizations.” – Dr. Bui Thi Huong Giang said.

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