Students of Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation in a forklift operator training calss

Vietnam’s Logistics sector facing a shortage of highly-skilled workforce

“Most Vietnamese logistics companies consider employee training as an expense, not an investment. This perspective will not enhance competitiveness of the sector...” This is the opinion of Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, General Secretary of Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), at a talk about human resources training issues in the logistics sector.

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Students of Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation

The vocational college without a day-off

We visited the Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI) in Dong Nai Province on a Sunday in May 2018 and saw groups of students in blue uniform excitedly entering their classes. The College Rector, Doctor Nguyen Van Chuong and his colleagues had arrived earlier and prepared for a usual working day. “We have more classes on Saturday and Sunday than week-days. Many vocational colleges wish to have such a work schedule!” – said Chuong cheerfully.

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Deo Thi Thuy


During my six-week intensive training in Australia, I was very impressed about a center in Southern Australia focusing on prevention and control of sexual harassment and rape issues. The center is permitted to conduct forensic examinations. At that time, I wished that Vietnam would have a center like that; such hope is still alive in me…,said MSc. Deo Thi Thuy.

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Lecturer Vu Trong Luong with colleagues and Australian experts in a group work session

Australian experts sowing the seeds of Vietnamese higher education reforms

Some people said that short courses provide theoretical knowledge which cannot be applied immediately! However, what I have obtained from this course is so valuable! An important feature is that lecturers always encouraged us and made us believe that we are able to do it, with crucial skills provided during the course. Thanks to the “magic hands” of Australian experts, these skills became inspirational sources to us, they sowed the seeds, nurtured them frequently, and helped to grow into trees. Although the course is completed, the knowledge and inspiration brought by the experts will continue to support each participant, each tree to develop sustainably in the future” – Mr. Vu Trong Luong said.

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University of Agriculture and Forestry Thai Nguyen University

Universities yearning for autonomy

After participating in Aus4Skills activities, we started the restructuring. All colleagues said to me: “It’s too tiring and stressful!”. We had to work day and night. However, experiences obtained throughout the plan implementation raised the awareness of the people involved. We established a common understanding and attitude towards reforms and difficulties that had to be tackled.” said Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Van Dien

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