Ms Bui Thi Huong Giang


“My professional tasks at Thai Nguyen University are not significantly associated with gender equity. However, I have applied the knowledge I gained in all my daily work. Since then, my colleagues and friends said that I have changed positively. I always keep in my mind one commitment: listening, sharing and helping. I believe that capable women will become leaders and create important changes in their organizations.” – Dr. Bui Thi Huong Giang said.

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Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy presented the final report at the course

Mountainous students joined with lecturers to evaluate and grade the final foreign language test

"I have not encountered any difficulty in implementing my application project. My colleagues at the faculty are young and open-minded, they are willing to embrace new changes which benefit students. In addition, other colleagues at different faculties also joined courses provided by Aus4Skills and learned experiences from Australian experts. As a result, they fully supported and facilitated curriculum renewal in our university. When leaders’ vision towards reform, everything will be conducted smoothly.” said Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Dean of Foreign Languages Faculty, Tay Bac University.

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Mr. Do Anh Tai presented the final report at the course

A special university leader who took the role of a professional in curriculum development and renewal

Among participants of the Australia Awards Short Course on “Undergraduate Curriculum Development and Renewal” facilitated by The Queensland University of Technology (QUT), under Aus4Skills efforts, there was a special participant with two roles: a university leader, and a professional who is accumulating knowledge on curriculum development and renewal. The participant is Associate Professor, Dr Do Anh Tai, Vice Rector of University of Economics and Business Administration (Thai Nguyen University).

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Participants experienced educational technologies at QUT Australia

Universities in the Northern Mountainous Region are confident in renewing their curriculum to international standards

On June 8 in Quang Ninh province, the Aus4Skills Program held a Course Completion Workshop for an Australia Awards Short Course on “Undergraduate Curriculum Development and Renewal”

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Dr. Shaun Nykvist in a discussion with the course participants

Story of Mr. Son La - An inspiration to university lecturers to progress toward educational reforms

In his visit to Tay Bac University (Son La province) under an Australia Awards Short Course on “Undergraduate Curriculum Development and Renewal”, Dr. Shaun Nykvist was affectionately called by participants as Mr. Son La – which is their province’s name. This name clearly shows their intimate, friendly relationship.

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