Dr. Shaun Nykvist in a discussion with the course participants

Story of Mr. Son La - An inspiration to university lecturers to progress toward educational reforms

In his visit to Tay Bac University (Son La province) under an Australia Awards Short Course on “Undergraduate Curriculum Development and Renewal”, Dr. Shaun Nykvist was affectionately called by participants as Mr. Son La – which is their province’s name. This name clearly shows their intimate, friendly relationship.

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Prof. Dr. Dang Van Minh received a Certificate of Course Participation

A foundation course accelerating the innovation process in Vietnamese tertiary education

In the afternoon 6 June in Quang Ninh, the Aus4Skills program held a Closing Ceremony for two advanced courses on Leadership, Governance and Strategic Planning tailored for 37 university leaders and lecturers from Thai Nguyen University, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, and Tay Bac University.

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Ms. Tami Harriot Educational expert and participants from Thai Nguyen University in group work

An Australian education expert and her 200-day journey with lecturers from universities in the Northwest region

Ms. Tami Harriot, Manager, Global Project Development, University of Sunshine Coast (Australia) has built an ever closer relationship with 37 trainees who are leaders, lecturers from Thai Nguyen University, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, and Tay Bac University since November 2017 through two Aus4Skills courses on Leadership, Governance and Strategic Planning.

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Photo of the final Symposium

Australia partnering with Vietnam to advance women in leadership

The Symposium and Graduation Ceremony for the Australia Awards Short Course - Women in Leadership Journey – was held on 14th June in Hanoi.




A student from Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation practising as a Forklift Operator 2

How to encourage logistic companies to consider employee training as an investment?

In the Vietnamese logistics industry, the job market demand has been increasing rapidly, displaying its thirst for skilled workers while VET providers can provide only a negligible number of workers due to difficulties in student recruitment and unqualified graduates.



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