What are the Australia Awards Fellowships?

Australia Awards Fellowships offer Australian organisations, from all sectors, the opportunity to deepen and broaden their links with leaders and professionals in developing countries by hosting Fellows from overseas partner organisations. The program offers short-term flexible Fellowship placements which address current and emerging development and foreign affairs issues.

Australia Awards Fellowships are available for current and future leaders and mid-career professionals from Vietnam. Australian organisations identify their relevant development expertise and submit a proposal to DFAT with the overall aim of:

  • strengthening partnerships and links between the Australian organization and partner organisations in Vietnam; and
  • increasing the capacity of Vietnam to advance priority development and foreign affairs issues of shared interest.

Fellowship activities aim to provide high-quality training, exchange of expertise, skills and knowledge, and opportunities to enhance networks. Activities can include a combination of short-term study and/or training, research, professional attachments and networking experiences. Activities can be delivered both in Australia and in Vietnam, but the majority of (over 70%) must be delivered in Australia.

A sponsoring Australian organisation must submit the Fellowship application nominating the partner organisation. Vietnamese organisations and individuals cannot submit applications directly. Examples of eligible Australian organisations include NGOs, academic institutions, research organizations, business, industry, media, professional associations and Government agencies.

Detailed information on the Fellowships can be found at www.dfat.gov.au/australia-awards/pages/fellowships.aspx

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