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Tay Bac University (TBU) has been carrying out many gender awareness activities, and gender equality in learning and working is being promoted among lecturers and students.

Education has changed awareness of lecturers and students
Education has changed awareness of lecturers and students 

Promoting equality

At TBU, where 3,200 students study (70% of which are from ethnic minority groups), raising awareness about gender equality is a top priority. According to a TBU representative, gender equality is not just about the equal rights of people but about motivating people to contribute to shared activities that promote gender equality.

Showing the role of individuals in teamwork
Showing the role of individuals in teamwork

Aus4Skills support in gender equality education has had a strong impact in raising awareness on this important issue among lecturers and students at TBU, particularly those from ethnic minority groups and from Laos.

Dr. Cara Ellickson, Director of Gender Consortium from Flinders University (Australia), a delivery partner of Aus4Skills, remarked: “Achieving gender equity is important for universities, not only because it is ‘the right thing to do’, but also because there is an evidence based business case that is linked to both gender equity and university performance.

In other words, higher levels of gender equality and equity in universities is associated with: improved national productivity and economic growth; increased organisational and higher education sector performance; and enhanced ability of universities and the higher education sector to attract talent and retain employees.

Since 2017 Aus4Skills has been working with universities in the northern mountainous region to promote gender equity in higher education, and in the business community and schools. Aus4Skills has been supporting TBU in making lecturers and students understand the personal values that they can bring to the community.

Change in the way of thinking

Mr. Đoàn Đức Lân, Chair of the TBU Council shared: “Communicating with lecturers and students, particularly those from ethnic minority background, is our key strategy. Change process must start from lecturers who should know what gender equality is and how to integrate it into lectures and inspire their students. Once they understand their equal rights and that they are respected, they would work harder and contribute more.”

Showing the role of individuals in teamwork
Raising awareness of gender equality among lecturers and students

Mr. Trần Ngọc Đỉnh, Chair of TBU Student Council, shared: “It’s so strange that ghosts in movies are always white-haired women in long dresses. Does this reflect gender bias? With support from Aus4skills, we’ve been carrying out many activities to raise awareness of gender equality for two new cohorts of more than 400 students. Our initial assessment shows that ethnic minority female students have been impacted more than students from other groups. Some have become more confident and engaging in team activitities.

Ms. Phan Thị Vóc, Lecturer at TBU’s Department of Educational Psychology, shared: “Since I joined the Aus4Skills Women in Leadership Journey I’ve changed a lot. I used to be quite served and now I’ve become much stronger. This has impacted my colleagues at the Department who feel inspired and motivated to change the awareness of lecturers and students.

Ms. Lường Hoài Thanh, Director of Research Center for Northwestern Ethnic Cultures, shared what she did to encourage ethnic minority women: “I have seen how cultural heritage of Australian Aboriginal peoples are preserved. I told my students that women’s outfits often make the first impression on any cultural group, and that their ethnic traditional costumes look very beautiful. Do love your unique cultures and be proud of them.

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