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Promoting Industry Linkages with Vocational Education and Training Component

Aus4Skills addresses the identified problem that the quality of vocational education and training (VET) and its graduates does not meet the requirements of the employers and the labour market because of: 

(1) Lack of links between demand and supply for skills in the labour market; 

(2) Lack of competence in training institutions; 

(3) Gender bias facing female students and teachers/staff. 

Through this component of Aus4Skills, Australia is assisting Vietnam in its VET reform process, and demonstrating the benefits of Australia’s internationally recognised industry-led approach to skills development to address the burgeoning demand for skills in the logistics sector of the labour market. The Vietnamese logistics industry has no formal training culture and faces a projected shortage of 250,000 skilled workers by 2030 . 

By sharing Australian expertise and Australia’s current approach to dynamic industry-led skills development, this component targets improvements in Vietnam’s capacity to deliver workforce skills development to a consistent standard that meets industry needs and market trends. The initial focus is to develop a demonstration model in the logistics sector with potential for scale-up and transfer to other industry sectors. Aus4Skills is working in partnership with Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Vietnam Logistics Business Association to support selected public and private partner vocational colleges and logistics enterprises to achieve the targeted outcomes. The component operates at the industry sector (meso) and individual college and enterprise (micro) levels and supports, through the provision of evidence, DFAT and DET policy advocacy for endorsement of industry linkages model to be adopted as national policy.

Lists of documents

  1. The Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC) is central to the component. It brings together the key players of the Vietnamese logistics industry and serves as a formal mechanism through which industry can articulate and codify its skill needs into Occupational Standards. The Logistics Industry Reference Council is now 10 months in existence and chaired by industry. Its success and industry’s commitment are evidenced by active participation of global entities and the peak industry body, the Vietnamese Logistics Association. Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hochiminh City provide the technical support and coordination for the operation of LIRC. The formation and operation of the Logistics Industry Reference Council is an example of where the program is making a significant contribution to inter-organisational cooperation between Vietnam Government and private sector .
    LIRC description in English/ Hội đồng kỹ năng nghề - Ngành Logistics
  2. Brief Report on The Current Status of the Logistics Workforce in Vietnam 2019Báo cáo ngắn về hiện trạng và đề xuất phát triển nguồn nhân lực cho ngành logistics Việt Nam 2019
  3. Summary Case Study: Trial Results of Competency-Based Training Delivery against industry standards /Tóm tắt kết quả thí điểm chương trình đào tạo theo năng lực theo tiêu chuẩn nghề.

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