Australian Alumni Grants Fund

The Australian Alumni Grants Fund (AAGF) supports proposals of Vietnamese alumni from Australian education institutions to implement impact projects that consolidate their professional knowledge and skills, contribute to organisational change within selected Vietnamese government, private sector, civil society and other partner organisations, and strengthen linkages between Australia and Vietnam.

Since 2016, the AAGF has provided over A$2,2m funding to projects led by 460 alumni, addressing issues in the priority areas of governance and economic growth, infrastructure and transport, water and sanitation, education, gender equality, agriculture and rural development, regional stability and human rights, disability inclusion, climate change, and health related to Vietnam’s COVID-19 recovery. Over 170 funded projects across Vietnam have broadly impacted thousands of people including people from vulnerable groups through professional and community development and capacity building, public awareness and advocacy campaigns, and organisational and institutional changes.


  • Vietnamese alumni who have completed their studies in an Australian education institution through an Australian Government funded scholarship, Including Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards Fellowships, Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships, and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Scholarships
  • Vietnamese alumni who have completed their studies in an Australian education institution through Vietnamese Government scholarships.
  • Vietnamese alumni who have completed their studies in an Australian education institution through Vietnamese Government scholarships.


  • Alumni of Aus4Skills Australia Awards Short Courses (AASC) and informal Learning Opportunities (ILOS).
  • Other alumni of Australian education institutions can be part of an eligible team of alumni who submit an AAGP application, with the condition that the team is led by an Aus4Skills HRD alumnus.

Agriculture and Rural Development

Agricultural-forestry-fisheries sciences, agribusiness, agricultural economics, rural development, sustainable tourism management, food safety, aquaculture, science and technology transfer

Climate Change

Including disaster risk reduction, science and technology transfer) Includin ess, technolo cs, rural internati inable Cyber security (including cybercrime, cyber technology standards, international cyber norms, digital transformation and digital infrastructure

Cyber security

Including cybercrime, cyber technology standards, international cyber norms, digital transformation and digital infrastructure


Including social work, special education


Educational studies, education management, institutional governance, adult and vocational education management

Gender Equality

Gender and development, women's studies, social work, social policy, women's leadership

Governance and Economic Growth

Economics, competition, international trade, public policy, public administration, public finance management, corporate finance, law to support economic integration, entrepreneurship and innovation


Including vaccinate cooperation, research, health system strengthening, support Vietnam's COVID-19 recovery

Infrastructure and Transport

Project management and financing, traffic forecasting, transport engineering, social and environmental safeguards, urban transport planning and management, transport master planning, public-private partnership, transport economics, road safety and audit, logistics and supply chain management including maritime logistics management

Regional Stability and Human Rights

Criminology and public governance, international law, international human rights law, maritime sustainability and maritime security, international law of the sea, international relations, political science, international security studies, strategies studies

Water and sanitation

Water management, water engineering, water quality and supply systems, water and waste water, water governance, water security, drought management, marine pollution, science and technology transfer

The value of a grant is based on the following table.

Numbers of alumni applicantsMaxinum Grant
One or two alumniVND 165,000,000
Three alumni
VND 245,000,000
four alumni and moreVND 325,000,000

Any project that has the involvement of an alumni team must clearly demonstrate that it is a team project with specified roles for each alumnus. It should show the added value in submitting a team proposal as compared to individual submissions.

Additional funding: Co-funding

Aus4Skills will provide matching funds of 100% of a contribution by the applicant, employer or other relevant Vietnamese/Australian organisation (e.g. industry association, universities) to a maximum of VND50,000,000. The co-funding must be in the form of cash (not in kind’) contribution and be shown as part of the budget in the AAGF application including the timing of the provision of the co-funding. Such a co-funding arrangement will increase the amount of funds available for a proposal as well as strengthen the commitment of the applicant/employer/organisation to the proposal. Aus4Skills will assess in its sole discretion whether matching funds are available

Example 1 ( VND ):Example 2 ( VND ):Example 3 ( VND ):
AAGF project grant165,000,000165,000,000165,000,000
Co-funding(i.e from employer)30,000,00050,000,000100,000,000
AAGF matching funds30,000,00050,000,00050,000,000

Funding for translation

All applications and subsequent progress and completion reports must be written in English. If Aus4Skills HRD alumni are not proficient in English, they are only entitled to claim the costs of translation into English of their application, progress and completion reports up to a maximum of VND5,000,000 per application. The cost for translation must be included in the application budget and receipts must be submitted in acquittal reports to support claims for translation costs

Equity of Access Fund

For alumni with disability and rural disadvantaged alumni (including rural disadvantaged ethnic minority alumni) wishing to participate in AAGF events organised by the Australian Embassy or Aus4Skills, alumni may seek the support from the Aus4Skills Equity of Access Fund.

List of Alumni and projects Awarded



  • AAGF Round 1 (2017)
  • Round 2 (2018)
  • Pilot Round 2.1 (2019)
  • Round 2 (2019)
  • AAGF Round 2-2018 Completion Video

    AAGF Round 2-2018 Storyboards:

  • AAGF Round 2-2018 Storyboards:
  • Market opportunities In Australia for Vietnam arising from the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and related free trade agreements
  • Strengthening the Australia - Vietnam partnership through organic agriculture
  • Enhancing the capacity of local agricultural officers to support the sustainable development of ethnic minority communities in Tuan Giao, Dien Bien
  • Supporting vulnerable women's agribusiness start-ups
  • Promoting dialogical social and gender impact assessment for sustainable hydropower development in the Central and Central Highlands regions of Vietnam
  • Professional development for prosecutors handling criminal cases involving violence against women and children
  • Developing exploratory practice for lecturers in Vietnam
  • Combating domestic violence in young Vietnamese families amid social transformation
  • Investigating the relationship between coastal erosion and human activities in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam
  • Improving sexual and reproductive health rights for the Deaf in Vietnam