Dr Tran Thanh Be: Learning is an on-going process - anywhere, anytime and with other people

Dr Tran Thanh Be earned his PhD in Agriculture from University of Sydney (ACIAR scholarship) in 2004 following a Masters of Systems Agriculture from University of Western Sydney - Hawkesbury (Winrock scholarship) in 1994. Dr. Be has been a driving force behind the sustainable agricultural development in the Mekong Delta region holding key research positions. He joined the Mekong Delta Development Institute in 1978 and rose to the position of Director. In 2010 he became the Director of Can Tho City Institute of Socio-Economic Development Studies.

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Dr. Be has worked closely with Australian colleagues on a number of research projects funded by the Australia Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). Dr. Be has made an invaluable input into rice, fish and shrimp farming research projects while addressing emerging bio- and socio-economic issues in the region. He has received a number of awards for his various contributions to Vietnam’s development including ones from the Vietnam State President and Prime Minister.

He has also contributed articles to a number of research-based journals on such topics as water use and competition, assessing the impact of farming systems’ changes on socio-economic life, and effects of “Bio Gro” bio-fertilizer on rice growth and yield in the Mekong Delta.

Dr. Be has given lectures on Agricultural Extension and English for specific purposes (Rural Development). He always tried to pass Australian working attitudes and research methods to students as well as young colleagues with whom he has worked. Dr. Be is also the Chairman of Can Tho Vietnam Australia Friendship Society and a member of the National Vietnam Australia Friendship Society.

"Learning is an on-going process - anywhere, anytime and with other people. Sustainable development is our common target to which you and I, each and all of us as a whole, should and can make contributions. We can learn from and work with our Aussie friends to reach this goal”, Dr Be said.

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