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Ms. Nguyen Phan Que Mai

Ms. Nguyen Phan Que Mai was born in 1973 in Ninh Binh but grew up in Bac Lieu province. She received an Australia Awards scholarship in 1993 and graduated in 1996 as the top student from Monash University’s Bachelor of Business Administration course (majoring in communications). Later on, she earned a Diploma in Insurance & Financial Management at Deakin University. She has designed and conducted many gender mainstreaming courses and actively advocates for gender equality. In addition, she is an independent film maker and freelance journalist for major national newspapers, writing about arts, literature and social issues. She is currently working as a freelance communications consultant.



Dr Tran Tho Dat

Dr Tran Tho Dat is a prominent economist in Vietnam. He joined the National Economics University (NEU), Hanoi, Vietnam in 1982 and became NEU Vice President in 2008. Dr. Dat obtained a PhD in Statistics from the NEU in 1991, and then an AusAID-funded scholarship to do a Masters degree in Economics of Development followed by a PhD in Economics (2000), both from the Australian National University. He served as Manager of the World Bank Higher Education Project in Vietnam in 1999, Director of the NEU Graduate School from 2003 to 2008, Vice President for Graduate Management during 2009 and then Vice President for Research and International Relations since 2010.


Mr Mai Quoc Tung

Dr. Mai Quoc Tung

Dr. Mai Quoc Tung was born in 1973 in Thai Nguyen province. In 2001 he was awarded an Australia Awards Scholarship to undertake a PhD in Orthoptics at the University of Sydney. His PhD research was on refractive errors in children’s vision. After graduating in 2005 he returned to lecture at Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy. In March 2010, Dr. Tung moved to work at the National Hospital of Geriatrics in Hanoi.


Son Phu Tran photo for web

Mr. Tran Phu Son

Mr.Tran Phu Son, an Australia Awards Scholarships alumnus 2001, is currently a Partner of Ernst & Young Vietnam (EY Vietnam). He completed a Master of Practising Accounting at Monash University in 2002. .


Le Thi Thuc

Dr Le Thi Thuc: Australia provided me with significant experiences and precious skills

Dr. Le Thi Thuc, an Australia Awards Scholarships Alumnus of 2009, is currently the Deputy Director, Institute of Sociology, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration (HCMA). She is a striking example of a scholarship student, who overcame many challenges, including separation from two small children, to achieve her doctorate in gender studies. During her five years in Canberra to do her PhD in Sociology at Australian National University (ANU), Dr. Thuc was active in the Vietnamese Student Association in Canberra and helped to facilitate links between visiting Vietnamese delegations and Australian counterparts.


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