Australia Awards Alumni’s contribution to Private Sector Facilitation: 

Story of Alumna To Minh Huong, Bachelor of Business (Finance and Banking), University of South Australia.

Ms. To Minh Huong is the Co-Founder, CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Doctor4U Technology Joint-Stock Company - an online medical consultation platform that can be accessed via smartphone application or website. Doctor4U brings together a team of experienced doctors and advanced technology to provide quality, 24/7 healthcare services to patients from across Vietnam.

Upon completing her Bachelor of Finance and Banking degree in Australia, Ms. Huong returned to Vietnam in 1997. She worked in the finance sector, holding various senior positions at foreign banks in the country. Ms. Huong has contributed significantly to the development of the community and Vietnam’s private sector.

Ms. Huong shared: “Australia Awards Scholarships have had a great impact on my personal life and career. This was a great opportunity to study my preferred course on finance and banking and to enjoy life in Australia. This built a strong foundation that enabled me, upon completion of my studies, to confidently start working and contributing to the growth of my organisation and community. The knowledge and skills that I acquired in banking, finance and IT were 100% applicable to my work at the time. I also learned a multitude of soft skills including professional ways of working, information sharing, problem solving and balancing work with personal life”.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s when businesses and producers were still unfamiliar with the concepts of commodity credit or product chains, Ms. Huong was willing to travel to remote areas such as the Central Highlands to work with businesses and producers on accessing credit to grow their businesses, thereby establishing strong bank - enterprise - producer linkages. This is quite a popular form of credit in developed countries, but only began thriving in Vietnam after 2000.

Ms. Huong returned to Australia in 2001 and worked for the Bank of Western Australia as Team Leader of the Bank’s Basel 2 (which is applied to banks in Vietnam) project. In 2004, she returned to Vietnam and took on senior roles in the banking industry, including Chief Investment Officer at Vietnam Partners LLC Investment Fund – one of the first investment funds operating in Vietnam; as well as CEO and member of the Board of Directors at Morgan Stanley Gateway Securities.

As Chief Investment Officer at the Vietnam Partners LLC Investment Fund, Ms. Huong and her colleagues provided investment capital to various organisations and businesses in different industries such as hydropower, pharmaceutical, and securities. She and her colleagues also helped to establish the BIDV Investment fFnd to mobilise Vietnamese and international investors who invest in businesses from different industries.

In her role as CEO of Morgan Stanley Gateway Securities, Ms. Huong and her associates facilitated various successful mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and engaged financial and strategic investors in supporting businesses. Under Ms. Huong’s leadership, Morgan Stanley Gateway developed a multinational client network, comprised primarily of investors, corporations and businesses in the same industries or large investment funds interested in investing in Vietnam. She was also a member of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Association of Securities and was involved in developing the Code of Professional Ethics for the securities industry.

After more than 20 years of rewarding engagement in the finance and banking sector, Ms. Minh Huong pivoted to a new area that she felt passionate about which is access to healthcare. She shared the following about the Doctor4U "start-up", of which she is the co-founder and CEO: “I and my colleagues did some research on the telemedicine model in developed countries and explored opportunities to bring good practices from these countries to Vietnam. The Covid-19 epidemic has produced many challenges but it also created an opportunity for us to bring Doctor4U to life, by offering a convenient online medical consultation platform and a comprehensive health care ecosystem for people".

Initially, Doctor4U only used a simple remote medical consultation application, which connects users with a team of reputable doctors across the country via video consultation. Ms. Huong and her colleagues, including a number of Australian Alumni, developed Doctor4U into an integrated technology medical platform, combining online and offline services, which provides customers with an improved healthcare experience.

Since 2020, Doctor4U has grown to include the opening of Doctor4U Family Physician Clinic at 71 Van Phuc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. The Doctor4U application on remote medical consultation and treatment with a wide range of medical services is now fully operational. Doctor4U has become one of the first providers of free telemedicine consultations for the community during the Covid-19 epidemic. Doctor4U has consulted with hundreds of patients a day and provided them with the healthcare service they need in a timely manner, giving them peace of mind at no cost. The convenience of Doctor4U's remote medical consultation platform and the team of highly skilled and dedicated doctors who are available for consultation have inspired Dang Nang province to replicate this model. The Doctor4U application has been used by more than a hundred doctors in Da Nang to provide local people with free remote medical consultation.

Minh Huong has enthusiasm for everything she does, as well as a strong sense of responsibility to her community. Although she is incredibly busy, she always finds time to reflect on her time in the beautiful land of Kangaroo: “The professional knowledge and good things I learned from Australia have had an impact on my personal life and career. The learning and working environment in Australia have given me a professional foundation, an ability to keep work - life balance and an inspiration for me to work harder and bring more value to the community.”

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