Ho Thanh Binh: Life in Australia is a precious experience

In April 2014, Dr. Ho Thanh Binh, a lecturer at An Giang University, was granted Dean’s Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence 2013 by the University of Queensland for his work. Dr Binh studied there for a PhD degree on an Australia Awards Scholarship.

In 2013, the ABC Television covered the new technique of ripening fruits during transit which was developed by University Queensland Professor Bhesh Bhandari and his then PhD student Ho Thanh Binh. This is the video of the ABC story:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMTDziZ22VM

Some companies in Europe and South Africa later contacted Dr Binh’s research team and indicated their interest in co-operation. The team was also granted the invention patent by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). They are studying the possibility of commercializing the fruit ripening technique in the future.

Ho Thanh Binh in lab

Mr Binh returned to Vietnam in 2013 after completing his PhD studies. He was then promoted to the position of Vice Dean of Agriculture Department, An Giang University, in charge of training for the department. He is also actively taking part in the research on post-harvest technology and food product development as well as food specialty in the Mekong Delta such as rice, fruit and sugar palm.

Dr Binh described his experience in Brisbane and at the University of Queensland. “Brisbane is a friendly and peaceful city with beautiful scenery. Commerce, tourism and educational services are very professional. Despite living far away from our country, my family and I have special feelings for friendly Brisbane where our life mingled with that of the city. The very good infrastructure provides the good conditions for research, study and entertainment.

The University of Queensland is located in a suburb of Brisbane and is a university with world class research facilities. The main area of the university is surrounded by the poetic Brisbane river. During their time at Brisbane, besides learning modern skills and knowledge, students live in a modern education environment and in a developed market economy,” he said.

Ho Thanh Binh in lab

Binh’s family was with him during his studies in Australia. He believed that this was a good personal decision. “Bringing my family to Australia during my studies was a challenge. But it was also a chance for my family to experience life in a developed world . My children had the opportunity to study at international standard schools and they acquired good English skills and modern knowledge of the world and also became more active and creative. Life in Australia is a precious experience, as the skill of balancing time for studying and for the family is important for us in the future,” he said.

Ho Thanh Binh

Binh shared his feelings about the Australia Awards Scholarships: “The Australia Awards Scholarships program is an excellent opportunity for Vietnamese citizens to do research and study in an advanced education environment. Thanks to this, rich knowledge and experience were gained and many scientific and social networks were established, which also strengthened the Vietnamese – Australian bilateral relationship. The Australia Awards alumni’s network has played a good role in supporting, linking and encouraging alumni in their work and scientific research in Vietnam. I hope the Australia Awards Scholarships program will continue to create opportunities for Vietnam and that the alumni network will continue to contribute to the growth of human resources of Vietnam and to Australian-Vietnamese ties.”

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