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Mr Lam Binh Bao: “Different roles in my life do not compete with each other”

Australia Awards alumnus Lam Binh Bao successfully balances his various roles, as the CEO of an international company, the co-founder of a coaching organization for enterprises and the leader of the core group of Australia Awards alumni in southern Vietnam.

Mr Bao went to Sydney to study the MBA program at the University of Technology Sydney in 2000 on an Australia Awards Scholarship.

“I used to study abroad before. I also went to Australia previously (in 1995) for work-related purposes. Therefore, in 2000, I did not experience any culture shock. However, the experience of living and studying for a long time in a developed society and a multi-cultural environment was very interesting with many lasting memories,” he said.

Mr Lam Binh Bao on his graduation day

Mr Lam Binh Bao on his graduation day.

Mr Bao is currently the CEO of ProMinent Dosiertechnik Vietnam, an international environmental company. He is also the co-founder of CEOCoaching, a coaching organization for small and medium enterprise managers. Since its establishment in 2015, the organization has trained over 400 CEOs and managers.

Apart from these, he plays an active role in various management communities. He is on the professional board of the “Management and Entrepreneurship” group, whose co-founders included two other Australia Awards alumni, Mr Lam Minh Chanh and Mr Nguyen Duc Son. The group, which also aims at providing business knowledge to small and medium enterprises, boasts more than 30,000 members and regularly organizes coaching events for managers with the presentations by well-known business leaders.

Mr Bao has also written articles on business and entrepreneurship for various newspapers and news websites such as Saigon Times, Saigon Entrepreneur, Cafebiz and Vietnamnet.

“I benefited from four different educations: South Vietnam before 1975, united Vietnam, the former Soviet Union and Australia. I was also lucky to have more than 20 years of working in the world’s leading groups in different positions, from a technician to a project manager, from a business developer and to an executive level. From all this experience, I realized that many Vietnamese businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, were limited in their management abilities and system thinking. SME owners are often adaptable, active and hard-working. With clear vision, good system thinking and management skills, they can be very successful and contribute much to the country’s development,” Mr Bao said.

Mr Lam Binh Bao speaks to newly-returned alumni

Mr Lam Binh Bao speaks to newly-returned alumni in Ho Chi Minh City in October, 2016.

Mr Lam Binh Bao is also currently the leader of Australia Awards alumni’s core group in the southern part of Vietnam. Under his leadership, the core group teamed up to organize regular networking activities, notably the “Good Lunch, Good Talk” series, in which alumni discussed various areas of life, work and business. They also launched charity campaigns for disadvantaged people in central and southern provinces.

“Most Australian alumni want to network and contribute to the community. However, to engage them in community activities, we need to be able to maintain the activities on a regular basis so as to mobilize resources for larger functions later on. Such events as Good Talk, Good Lunch and charity activities are small but have big impact,” Mr Bao explained.

Explaining how he managed to divide his time among various prominent roles he took and also for his family, he said: “We live our lives through the roles we take. These roles do not compete with each other, but co-operate with each other to help us have a balanced life. The quality of an individual’s life is created by the balance of four needs: material, mental, spiritual and social needs. I manage my time to meet all these needs.”

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