Dr Le Thi Thuc: Australia provided me with significant experiences and precious skills

Dr. Le Thi Thuc, an Australia Awards Scholarships Alumnus of 2009, is currently the Deputy Director, Institute of Sociology, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration (HCMA). She is a striking example of a scholarship student, who overcame many challenges, including separation from two small children, to achieve her doctorate in gender studies. During her five years in Canberra to do her PhD in Sociology at Australian National University (ANU), Dr. Thuc was active in the Vietnamese Student Association in Canberra and helped to facilitate links between visiting Vietnamese delegations and Australian counterparts.

Le Thi Thuc

On her return to Vietnam, as a lecturer, researcher and now Vice Director, she has applied the knowledge and academic skills she gained in Australia to help senior Vietnamese officials better understand the issues of social inequality, especially gender inequality, in Vietnam. In her untiring efforts to change the mindset of senior officials towards gender and social welfare issues, Dr. Thuc aims to indirectly impact on policies by teaching middle/high ranking managers and leaders in Vietnam’s political system who are her students. Through her lectures, she wants to equip them with better critical thinking in policy formulation and implementation.

Inspired by Australia academic professional standards, she is organizing a 2 week training course at ANU in early October 2013 for 22 senior academics and managers from HCMA and other institutes, who will enhance their capacity in supervision and management of academics, including gaining more knowledge of and skills in anti-plagiarism and academic support.

In March 2013 with Australia Awards Alumni Network support, Dr. Thuc presented a paper on ‘Cultural context of gender socialization and its impacts to women’s political participation in Vietnam contemporary’ at the Women's Leadership and Empowerment Conference in Bangkok.

“Despite some initial difficulties, Australia provided me with significant experiences and precious skills, such as a professional and logical working manner, research methodologies, team-work skills and flexibility. In addition to the academic knowledge this has made me a stronger person”, said Dr. Thuc.

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