Dr. Mai Quoc Tung

Dr. Mai Quoc Tung was born in 1973 in Thai Nguyen province. In 2001 he was awarded an Australia Awards Scholarship to undertake a PhD in Orthoptics at the University of Sydney. His PhD research was on refractive errors in children’s vision. After graduating in 2005 he returned to lecture at Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy. In March 2010, Dr. Tung moved to work at the National Hospital of Geriatrics in Hanoi.

Mr Mai Quoc Tung

Dr. Tung is one of the founders of the Ophthalmology Clinic that applies international standards at the National Hospital of Geriatrics as there was no such clinic at the hospital. He has contributed much in building and developing the clinic to follow international standards. He has also required doctors and staff to adhere to professional standards. Dr. Tung said he always wanted patients to get the best services at his clinic. Dr. Tung also works as a part time lecturer at Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy where he shares with his students knowledge and experiences gained from his Australian studies.

Dr. Tung is active in research projects including pre-intervention assessment of primary health care, refractive errors and risk factors among children, and a study of cataract surgery outcomes and patient’s satisfaction. From 2009 to 2011, he was the principal investigator and team leader for the Vietnam Population Council’s surveys of reproductive health of women workers in Hanoi, and the quality of health care for victims of gender-based violence at health facilities. Dr. Tung has contributed to project evaluations at ORBIS, a nonprofit organization that works in developing countries to save sight.

Striving to bridge Australia’s medical advanced technology to Vietnam, Dr. Tung is the co-founder and lecturer of a Master’s program in Ophthalmology at Hanoi Medical University in cooperation with the University of Sydney.

Together with other medical doctor alumni, Dr. Tung is developing software to manage amblyopia in children, a project funded by the Australia Awards Alumni Network. In the near future Dr. Tung plans to open a medical centre to research and provide treatment following international standards.

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