Dinh Thi Ly successfully started her own business many years ago and won an Australia Awards scholarship to study entrepreneurship and innovation in Australia

Use knowledge to make you a better version of yourself

Owner of a technology startup, Dinh Thi Ly (31 years old) is determined to reach further in the future with a master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia).

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Bui Thi Hang

Woman from Northwest region passionate about agriculture

Born and raised in the Northwest mountainous region, Ms. Bui Thi Hang understands the difficulties faced by highlands farmers and was inspired to study agriculture to contribute to improving the livelihoods of people in her homeland.

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Despite industry demand for workers with disability skilled PWDs are in shortage

Shortage of skilled people with disabilities but few people go to vocational schools

Many businesses want to recruit people with disability (PWDs) but they do not meet the requirements due to lack skills. Meanwhile, people with disabilities have very little access to vocational schools.

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Mr Hoan received an Australia Awards scholarship in 2015

Vietnamese PhD finds gene that protects 10% of global crops

Out of 80,000 coded genes, Dr. Hoan was looking for the gene responsible for forming barley resistance to fungal rust, which was as hard as "finding a needle at the bottom of the tank".



Nguyen Van Cu with his colleagues at DRD

People with Disability Make a Change through Vocational Education

Mr. Nguyen Van Cu, Deputy Director of the Centre for Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD) and his colleagues have been implementing various initiatives to promote the engagement of people with disability (PWD) in society. These initiatives include providing PWDs with access to quality vocational education and training to help them integrate into and contribute to society as equally as other citizens.



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