Dr. Can Van Luc: Six years in Australia have enabled me to accomplish my current different roles

Dr. Can Van Luc has had an outstanding career in financial services management. Dr. Luc received the prestigious Australia-Asia Award to undertake his doctoral program in Business Administration in Monash in 2003. He graduated in 2007 and then obtained a Fulbright scholarship and was a Harvard Senior Fellow.

Dr Can Van Luc

He is currently Senior Executive Vice President of the Bank for Investment and Development (BIDV) and Director of BIDV Training School (BIDV is a leading financial institution in Vietnam).

In his position as the senior advisor to the Chairman of the BIDV, he provides recommendations on three areas of the bank: development strategy, risk management and training. The BIDV has close relationships with Australian banks like the ANZ and the Commonwealth Bank.

Dr. Luc is also a university lecturer and a prolific contributor to international economic research journals, such as Journal of Asia-Pacific, Economy Journal of Asset Management, Journal of Financial Services Research and China Economic Review. Some of his articles “Banking sector performance under IMF-supported programs” (2009), “IMF bank-restructuring efficiency outcomes: Evidence from East Asia” (2009) and “Cost and Profit efficiency of Chinese banks: A non-parametric approach” (2008) were widely cited in top finance journals. In one of his research papers, “Unified Financial Supervision: Can Vietnam Succeed?” (2009), he did an extensive study of worldwide financial regulatory and supervisory models and provided suggestions on whether Vietnam could adopt a unified financial supervisory model.

He is a regular speaker at various economic conferences and TV commentary programs.

Dr Luc is an honor scholar of the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve of Boston. He was a past Chairman of the Vietnamese Graduates of Australia Club.

“The academic knowledge, the research skills and teaching experience obtained during my almost 6 years in Australia have enabled me to accomplish my current different roles as a senior banker, a researcher and lecturer in a professional and confident manner,” Luc said.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qKJgGEVqBY

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