Australia Awards Scholarships awardees with disability receive a Disability Support Agreement (DSA), which sets out their disability support package. This includes:

  • Reasonable adjustments, assessed on a case-by-case basis, to allow participation on an equal basis with all other award awardees. Adjustments will be considered at the application, pre-mobilisation, and on-scholarship stages. This applies both for academic endeavours, to be provided by the institution, and ‘non-academic’ adjustments, to be provided by the Australian Government.
  • Additional funds will be allocated for these adjustments and support, in addition to standard scholarship entitlements. These will form part of the value of the Scholarship.
  • For further details related to awardees or conditional awardees with disability, please refer to the equity support section or contact the Australia Awards office on
  • Further information on the Australian definition of disability and the rights of people with disability in Australia is available through the Australian Human Rights Commission.