Priority fields of study

The priority areas of study for Vietnam are listed below noting that examples provided are not limited to the fields available for an Australia Awards Scholarship:

  • Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry (i.e. Agricultural economics, Aquacultural/Fisheries, Forestry, Rural Development)
  • Digital transformation (i.e. Cyber security, Digital Business and Innovation, Digital communications)
  • Information Technology (for applicants with disability only)
  • Education (i.e. Education studies/management, Vocational Education and Training, Special Education)
  • Environment, Climate Change and Energy (i.e. Environment studies including Water Resources, Mineral Resources, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Infrastructure and Transport, Sustainable/Renewable Energy Solutions and Innovation, Sustainable Tourism)
  • Governance and Economic Growth (i.e Public Policy Administration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Economics)
  • Gender EqualityDisability (i.e. Women and Gender Studies, Disability Services, Social policy and social protection)
  • Health (i.e. Health policy and services, Public health, Mental Health)
  • Regional Stability and Human Rights (i.e. International law, Criminology, Maritime security/sustainability, Journalism and media)

Studies in other fields (except Business Administration, Medicine, Pharmacy) will be considered based on merit.

The governments of Australia and Vietnam regularly review these areas of study together and adjust the emphasis of the program.

Applicants should select courses that align with their experience and qualifications or provide a strong justification for courses that represent a shift in career focus or direction.

Applicants are recommended to use the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) for course selection. 

Please refer to the List of Participating Institutions for further details.