Scholarship Fees and Entitlements

  1. Academic Fees: Fully covered by the Australia Awards Scholarships.
  2. Mobilisation Travel: Payment of a single economy class airfare to Australia from Vietnam to the study location via the most direct and economical route at the commencement of the scholarship.
  3. Visa Expenses: Payment of visa processing and medical checks necessary for gaining an Australian Student visa (subclass 500).
  4. Introductory Academic Program (IAP): Funds for an IAP at the relevant Australian institution if required.
  5. Establishment Allowance: One time grant to students to establish living arrangements in Australia.
  6. Contribution to Living Expenses: Ongoing payments, paid on a regular basis, towards student living expenses in Australia. Recipients may use these funds however needed, there is no requirement for invoices or proof of payment.
  7. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC): All recipients are covered by OSHC for the duration of their study period in Australia, including travel to and from Australia. More detail on health cover will be provided to successful applicants.
  8. Supplementary Academic Support: Funds to the academic institution, where required, to assist an awardee to successfully complete their academic studies.
  9. Completion Travel: Payment of a single economy class airfare from Australia to Vietnam via the most direct and economical route at the completion of the scholarship.
  10. In-country English Language Training (if required): Conditional awardees can receive up to 12 months full-time English language training, if required, at RMIT International University Vietnam. A living allowance is provided for those attending the training.
  11. Reunion Airfare: Unaccompanied awardees, whose scholarship period is two years or more, are eligible for one reunion airfare, covering the cost of return travel from the Australian study location to Vietnam.
  12. Fieldwork Support: Awardees undertaking Master’s by research (or coursework with a compulsory fieldwork component) are eligible for funding for fieldwork travel.
  13. Disability Support: Australia Awards will provide individual reasonable accommodations for awardees eligible for disability support.

Scholarships general support

In addition to financial allowances, awardees are also able to access a range of support to prepare for study at Australian universities and make the various administrative processes easier.

  1. Course Advice: Awardees can access advice from a Vietnamese Academic Adviser on appropriate course selection at placement stage
  2. Support for Equity of Access Applicants: Applicants with disabilities and disadvantaged rural applicants, are supported to ensure equal access to all stages of the scholarship program. For further details, please see Equity support for applicants.
  3. Alumni Network: On return to Vietnam, you will join a network of over 80,000 Australian Alumni in Vietnam, including 6,500 other Vietnamese Australia Awards Alumni. Find out more here.