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The Logistics Industry Reference Council (IRC) is central to the component. It brings together the key players of the Vietnamese logistics industry and serves as a formal mechanism through which industry can articulate and codify its skill needs into Occupational Standards, Since December 2017, the pilot LIRC is chaired by industry. Its success and industry's commitment are evidenced by active participation of global entities and the peak Industry body, the Vietnamese Logistics Association. Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hochiminh City provide the technical support and coordination for the operation of LIRC. The formation and operation of the Logistics Industry Reference Council is demonstrating engagement of government-providers - Industry, in order to Improve the relevance and quality of the skills of VET graduates to meet labour market needs in the logistics sector in Vietnam.
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Brief Report on The Current Status of the Logistics Workforce in Vietnam 2019.EnglishTiếng Việt
Summary Case Study: Trial Results of Competency-Based Training Delivery against industry standards/

Aus4Skills delivery partners have been working with VET teachers and industry trainers to build their capabilities in competency-based training and assessment and curriculum development using an industry-led approach.logistics sector in Vietnam.
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Case Study-Competency-based Training and Assessment Strategies in Logistics/

Training results of competency-based training delivery at Thu Duc Technical College and Ho Chi Minh College of Economics.
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Glossary of VET Terminology/

This Glossary has been compiled and published by the National Institute for Vocational Education and Training (NIVET) through the Technical Cooperation of GIZ.
Báo cáo Logistics Việt Nam 2017 – Logistics: Từ Kế hoạch đến Hành động, Bộ Công Thương.
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Báo cáo Logistics Việt Nam 2018 - Logistics và Thương mại Điện tử, Bộ Công Thương.Tiếng Việt
Báo cáo Logistics Việt Nam 2019 - Logistics: Nâng cao Giá Trị Nông sản, Bộ Công Thương. Tiếng Việt
Rapid Assessment Report: Skills need and human resource development for the Vietnamese logistics sector in the context of COVID-19.
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Effective University BoardTiếng Việt